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  • Our 5-month-old Australian Shepherd, Tater Tot began to display a lot of fear and nervousness. The little walks we did in the neighborhood with him became a nightmare. I had him enrolled into a several puppy training and socializing classes. He passed all classes with flying colors but we noticed he was displaying more nervous fear based behavior toward other dogs and owners after class. We were becoming very concerned and needed to find a trainer who could work with a puppy that might get straight A's in the classroom but couldn't get along out on the playground.

    The Dog lady came highly recommended by a dear friend who couldn't say enough great things about her. She met evaluated Tater Tot's behavior and suggested we join her "Stranger Danger" group course weekly. This class suited all of Tater Tot's big fear based phobia's. Tater Tot was placed in safely contained scenarios where he could have success in meeting his fears with confidence, security and reward.

    Her methodology was beyond anything we had ever experienced in other puppy courses. She was able to pinpoint specific anxiety fear based triggers that Tater Tot needed to work, and almost more importantly trained us to help him navigate these situations.

    Tater Tot began to turn the corner on many of his anxiety triggers. His behavior is more calm and less anxious when we go out in public now. We felt he was having so much success with training that it was time to take it to the streets. Just last week we were able to not only safely, but happily walk him through the Rose Festival and Saturday Market.

    I could not be more impressed with how Erin has taken this scared anxious puppy and molded his behavior into a confident relaxed little guy.

    Adrienne Knopf
    Small Group Lessons Client
  • I have known and worked with Erin for just over a year. I can say without reservation that Erin is an incredibly skilled, compassionate, empathetic, and infinitely patient dog trainer. She helped me work with my dog to deal with some distressing behavior problems - most of which are entirely under control now.

    Maybe the most valuable thing about her training style is that she is so encouraging, positive, and supportive. I never feel like I have screwed up or done anything wrong - which translates to my dog as well - so we both feel successful and in turn are successful.

    To be clear - Erin is also a fantastic dog sitter, walker, and overnight care provider! I think her ability to work with dogs AND humans so incredibly well in a training setting means she is entirely capable and prepared to handle the everyday challenges caring for a dog entails.

    Erica Lauer Vose
    Small Group & Rally Client
  • We had a couple of stressful weeks recently so I was worried about leaving my dog with someone else for the weekend in a stressed-out state. But I shouldn't have worried - because she had a fantastic time with Erin!

    She got lots of exercise, lots of cuddle time and was a happy relaxed dog when I came home. I'm so grateful we have such a fantastic dog care person to call on when we need to leave Mia at home.

    Chuck Lauer Vose
    Pet Care Client