About Erin



I have over ten years of experience working in the dog industry. I am a certified professional dog trainer, (CCPDT), a Karen Pryor clicker training partner, and am certified in pet first aid.

I love all dogs and all aspects of working with dogs. I have worked in a wide range of dog-related areas - large vet hospitals, day care facilities, feed stores, and local holistic dog food companies - where I gained a wide range of knowledge about dog health, care, and nutrition. This broad experience has helped me immensely in understanding dogs more and made me a better trainer.


Being the Dog Lady

I have been a “Dog Lady” for as long as I can remember, but it all came together for me after adopting my first dog, Otis. When he and I first became our own little pack, he had some anxiety and aggression issues. I knew I needed to learn more about dog training in order to really help him.

We began the Karen Pryor clicker training program together, where I was able to help Otis overcome his anxiety and aggression issues. It was then that I realized being a dog trainer was my true calling. We graduated from the program in 2011. Five years and three dogs later, I have been training ever since!


My Training Style

In addition to my own pack, I have trained more dogs that I could count, ranging from American Staffordshire terriers to Australian shepherds to chi-weenies. I have experience with puppies of all ages, adult rescue dogs, and purebred dogs.

In spring of 2016 I became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed. I actively train with my Australian shepherd in Rally-O competitions, and regularly train my pack out on Oregon’s amazing hiking trails year-round.

I use positive reinforcement and scientifically based methods in my classes. I like to keep classes fresh, fun, and challenging with newly developed commands, creative strategies, and mentally stimulating activities.

I also love working with people! I know how important it is to teach humans and dogs together to be successful as a team. That means I bring a positive attitude, tons of enthusiasm and supportive encouragement for humans and dogs to my training classes. I also strive to be flexible and help you figure out what works best for you and your dog.