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Pack Hikes with the Dog Lady

Dogs run and play with a trusted pack in the beautiful landscape of the Pacific Northwest. These hikes will leave your dog happy, tired, and well trained!

  • What is a Pack Hike?

    About Pack Hikes

    A pack hike is an alternative way to exercise and socialize your dog. Pack Hikes give your dog a chance to have a change in scenery once or twice a week, have a group of friends that only consists of five to seven dogs, and the ability to play and run in a way few daycare facilities can provide.

    Training throughout the whole hike is an important part of the Pack Hike, it provides mental stimulation and teaches critical skills like; recall, proper ways to meet new dogs, manners for meeting strangers, and appropriate play amongst the pack members.

    With the freedom to run and play with a trusted pack in the beautiful landscape of the Pacific Northwest, these hikes will leave your dog happy, tired, and well trained!

    Pack Hikes are for every dog!

    Some dogs may find the Pack Hike fits their needs or provides that critical break from routine that can make all the difference in their behavior and energy levels.

    Not every dog thrives in a daycare facility. Even those excellent facilities that provide socialization, exercise and stimulation may not be quite right for some dogs. Dogs who tend to seclude themselves, act out aggressively if they feel overwhelmed, or simply “get bored” after months of the same routine are ideal candidates for the Pack Hike.

    The Pack Hike is a great outlet for dogs to burn off extra energy and an easier place to socialize and make friends in an intimate, small group setting.

    Pack Hike participants must have completed a training package with Erin before enrolling in a pack hike.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate dogs with dog aggression issues on the Pack Hikes, but they are very welcome for private sessions. Please contact Erin if you have any questions about this.

  • A Typical Pack Hike

    A Typical Pack Hike Schedule:
    The entire Pack Hike adventure starts around 11:00 AM and ends around 3:00 PM.

    • 11:00 AM: We begin our pick-up route. Pick-up times may vary depending on where you live. Each dog is properly kenneled in the car for safety.
    • 12:00 PM: We arrive at one of our two Pack Hike locations; the 1000 acre dog park or the “Lewis and Clark State Park”.
    • 12:00 - 2:00 PM: (times may vary depending on the day - weather, traffic, etc.) We do our on-leash portion of the Pack Hike.
    • 2:00 -2:30 PM: We spend about 30 min in an off-leash area - usually at or near water on hot days.
    • 2:30 PM: Load everyone up and head back home.
    • 3:00 PM: We being our drop-off route. Drop off times may vary depending on traffic and drop-off locations.

    During the ON-LEASH Portion of the Pack Hike:

    All dogs are on-leash until we arrive safely to off-leash area. This part of the Pack Hike is where we really work with the dogs to train critical trail skills like greeting other people and dogs, recall, and appropriate play with other dogs.

    We use a box clicker and a variety of treats ( string cheese, a non grain treat, or a hot dogs) during training. I am familiar with dog allergies as well - talk to me if you have any concerns about this.

    During the OFF-LEASH Portion of the Pack Hike:

    During the off-leash portion of the day, we stay as a close pack. We head to our first open space for play time. There are a few open fields we like to go to first where we throw ball, toss a frisbee, or interact with them to get the pack to play and really stretch their legs.

    Once we see happy faces and flopping tongues we have a water break. We always provide plenty of water breaks and carry water and multiple travel bowls with us at all times.

    At the River (summer only):

    Next it’s time for the river. We only spend about 30 minutes at the river depending on the energy of the day.

    All new dogs wear a life vest for safety, and all dogs under 20 pounds must wear one at all times while at the river.

    This is where we allow our pack to interact with dogs already at the river in a controlled manner. With a smaller pack and the strong recall work along with the trust and respect already developed during the first part of the Pack Hike, we are able to ensure the interactions are controlled and safe.

    If, for any reason, the leader of the pack decides the river is unfit for that pack of the day, we will spend more time hiking or throwing ball in the field.

  • Join A Pack Hike

    How To Get Ready to Join a Pack Hike:

    • You must complete a Pack Hike Prep training package with me before joining a pack hike.
    • Pack Hike Prep Training Package:
      lessons occur once a week for 4 consecutive weeks
      lessons cover recall, leash handling, clicker training, and establishing a bond between your dog and I.
      training packages cost $200 for 4 lessons.
    • There will be some lessons where your dog will train alongside my dogs to build a relationship as well.
    • Once I feel your dog is ready, I will construct a proper pack for him / her to be established in.
    • It may take more than a month depending on your dog. Please note that if you do not attend consecutive training sessions, it can take much longer.
    • I provide all treats and equipment, however, if your dog has a particular food allergy you will need to provide proper treats.
    • A waiver must be signed before any dog participates in a Pack Hike.
  • Pack Hike Pricing

    Pack Hike Pricing:

    • $200 for 4 Pack Hike Prep lessons * You must complete a Pack Hike Prep training package with me before joining a pack hike.
    • $70 for a single Pack Hike
    • $240 for a package of 4 Pack Hikes ($60/hike)
    • $250 for a package of 6 Pack Hike ($50/hike)

    • Please Note:
      A waiver must be signed before any dog participates in a Pack Hike
      Pack Hikes must be scheduled one week in advance
      Payment is required in advance of each Pack Hike
      You must have completed 4 consecutive prep lessons prior to scheduling your first Pack Hike